Week 8 O “Christmas ads on Halloween”


 On this web site it talks about how they started showing Christmas adds starting on Halloween, and they aren’t even waiting for one season to be over before they start talking about the next but the reason behind it is to get in the mind of the consumer so they plant that seed to get them thinking and behind the ball to get rolling on Christmas. Already online shopping is being updated to compensate for the early Christmas shoppers who buy online. While i was in Walmart just on 10/30/12 they had the fake Christmas trees already up on display, the decorations for around the house and the tree, and also they had the Christmas decorations coming up for around the store. We still have to get over Thanksgiving before Christmas comes into play but because more people and consumers buy for Christmas your better off getting everything out now to let that seed grow and people will start needing Christmas gifts and decorations starting right away.

This just goes to show you that when the seasons change outside inside they are being changed sooner then we think in order to keep up with the consumers and what they want.


Week 8 R “Who or what do consumers trust?”

 Understanding where consumers are coming from and what they are thinking is one of the main concerns that are tried to understand to gain the trust of the consumers and what to do in order to gain that trust.When it falls into the category of who that is where it gets hard because you are trying to get the consumers to trust someone right away that they could possibly only have met a few times and their job is to help as best as possible and be able to do whatever you want, but with so many people its hard to gain that loyalty and trust right away. Certain qualities gain the trust easier for some consumers because they see those traits and feel as if they are warming and can give you what you need in order to gain that trust.

When it comes to what do consumers trust, its also hard to understand exactly what the consumer wants from you to gain that trust because you are always providing that consumer with fast service and that gives  your brand or services strength and that causes the consumers to trust you because you are giving the consumer a guarantee that the brand will be there for the consumer.

Measuring the benefits of social media can be very easy but also at the same time with in your market there are ways to find out the exact numbers and statistics to find factual evidence on your product or market to understand what social media is doing for you. The simplest way to see if social media is benefiting you or your company/product by the likes or trafficking that is being done by the social media web pages where you could have discounts or coupons that people are using and you can see an increase in flow of people going through the social world that is users.

Other ways in social media to track can be looked at on this website http://www.briansolis.com/2011/08/14-best-practices-for-brands-to-grow-their-audiences-in-social-media/

This website shows the 14 best practices for brands to grow their audiences in social media, and it talks about the best ways to create more trafficking and by doing this you can also track the progress of yours thought these. A few really jumped out at me from this website and they were, design and effective channel strategy, develop an editorial program, and serve customers and prospects. These three just jumped out at me because they are obtainable and easy to keep track of but also they will draw more followers and people to your social world. With a effective channel strategy you are posting blogs or anything with a like able presence that can be tracked and surveyed because how many people like it. With an editorial program you are getting new things out there with the hope of having your followers give feed back to whats going on so you can hear there voice or read their opinions. By doing this for the customers and prospects it promotes you and gives the customers and prospects feeling of being apart of something more.

Week7R “How do you measure the benefits of social media?”

Week6O “NCAA Bans Instagram Filters for College Coaches [UPDATED]”


When it comes to the NCAA and recruiting there is a whole book on rules and violations. Searching the web the other day i stumbled upon this little excerpt describing how coachs are inviolation of the recruiting process if they send a recruit a picture of anything, for instance the facility, the campus, or anything to do with the college/university. Looking at it in a quick glance i was assuming that ment that we were unable to recieve photos, which are quite common now, but the post lays out the quidelines when it comes to this. In one instance the blog had a Q and A and one of the questions stated how to go about this…

Question:May a coach take a photo and use software (e.g., Instagram, Photoshop, Camera Awesome, Camera+,) to enhance the content of the photo (e.g., changed color of photo to sepia tones or add content to the photograph), and send it to a prospective student-athlete as an attachment it to an email or direct social media message?

Answer: No, a photograph that has been altered or staged for a recruiting purpose cannot be sent to a prospective student-athlete”

The photos can not be altered in any way for the purpose of accuiring that student athlete to join your team. Coming from a small D3 school I wouldnt picture a coach altering a photo just to get my attention or pursuade me more to go to that school, i feel at the lower lever the coach would be more straight forward with you and about the facilities and campus as my coach was, but in the D1 and D2 levels when it comes down to the best players in the nation and schools competing against their rivials for the same recruit to help them win a national championship it does come to my attention that some recruiters will do anything possible to get those athletes there.

Week6R “What do marketers need to know, to choose exactly where to participate in social media?”

When it comes to social media, marketers need to know everything they can possibly know about their product and market to truley understand where they need to go in social media to be able to attracte their target markets, and also bring in the most web trafficing. Knowing where to go and how to get the most attendtion in social media plays a huge role in markets now a days due to the fact that everyone is linked up to the internet whether they are at work and they are online or they are walking down the street holding there cell phones, everyone is connected one way or another, the only thing that marketers need to find out is where are they most likely to search or what they are looking up, so the marketers can set up blogs or post regarding their product in certain places along the web.

Is the market for your product teenagers, or any age group, its questions like this that can make social media attraction to your product easier in your market depending on the age of your consumers. Teenagers and young adults are the social media generation and they are always connected by blogs and post, facebook, and twitter, because we grew up with all this. Our parents where taught by our generation how to use social media for the most part, so understanding that your target market and their age could make social media easier knwoing what that age group wants and the fastest way they are going to recieve new information.


Social media is the worlds newest crazy that will be around for a while now that companies and brands are using them more than anything to create more for themselves  Jobs have been created due to the overall demand and need in social media about keeping connected with the users and the constant demand to know whats happening now in the social media world. Each social media website is run differently together and you need to use different tabs to access all of them, but their are websites like hootsuite.com that allow you to access all the social media sites together making it easier to navigate and manage your accounts for your business to keep the world updated about your product. You can even have all of your accounts linked together so instead of making a single post for all of your websites one at a time you can post for one and choose which social media sites that you are connected to, that you would like it to appear on at once. Full dashboard control is in your hands to manage your social media life and make it easier. 

Week5R “What key questions should marketers ask before they decide whether to participate in social media?”

When it comes to marketers i feel as thought there are two good questions that are needed to be answer before participating in social media. 1. What market are we going to be appealing to, and 2. How would we monitor social media? These question stick out to me because you need to appeal and have a market to go off of. Without that market you wont have a means for social media with your product. Monitoring your social media traffic will allow you to be able to see who is looking at your product of page, and you can develop ways to reach those targets or accumulate responses of that product for positive and negative feedback, what the consumer wants or doesn’t, and how they ultimitly feel about the product or company.

With questions like these you allow your company or brand to open itself up to the connected social world to hear and listen to what its consumers say right away about and experience, or a certain product, because once connected the information that is obtained from consumers can turn a product around because the consumers are responding quick so the products can create the best product available and continue to improve.