Week 11R “What are key realities of the new social economy?”

Social media is everywhere with smart phones, tablets, and computers, there is a new device that is being built and designed everyday to make it easier to keep everyone connected. Companies are using these devices even more to make work more accessible and easier with filing and deliveries to just name a few. Promotions and marketing are the things now with the social media world that business are getting into because with the amount of social media traffic with the amount of people being connected every day would allow them to capitalize on a new aspect of business.

The realities on the new social economy is that it is not just to reconnect with friends and family in an easier way, its a whole lot more than that. Businesses are using it to buy and sell equipment, find out what is working and what is not working from the consumers and what they want differently and they can access all this and find out new information within minutes of people posting about them. With social media businesses are even tracking the blogs and post that are being done while the consumer is doing their shopping so that the business can make sure they have the best experience in that place as possible.

When it comes to holidays and buying new items, a lot of them are purchased on line because its a more convenient way to get things done in our society today. In the social world we can find deals that are present only at the moment that the consumer was shopping whether it was a gift card or sale because of previous items bought. Our world is being pushed more and more every day into the world of technology and with this more technology is popping up and ways to use it makes our world easier for us. The reality that we live in is that we can control everything we need from our cars, to our house and the appliances inside, to buying anything we need and sent where you need it all on a phone at the very least.


One thought on “Week 11R “What are key realities of the new social economy?”

  1. I agree with you when you say that our world is being pushed more and more everyday into the world of technology. Pretty much everything can be done online such as shopping and even going to school. I think it will continue to grow and evolve and we will only become more dependent on it than we already are.

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