Week10R “How should marketers behave in social media environments?”

When it comes to marketers behavior in the world of social media, they have tremendous amounts of responsibility because what ever is posted is placed on the internet, anyone can see it and has access to it. They have to deal with something that is posted that represents the wrong image that they are trying to portray. When it comes to something like this it could bring the wrong publicity for them and then they have to do damage control to make up for it. But then again if they get a huge hit on a post of something that was put out into the social media world, then they are gonna have to keep giving more to what the people want.

The responsibilities are numerous because they need to follow the guidelines that are placed out before them, because even though anything can be posted on the web you would not like to have a negative aspect or image for that brand/ company. Responding to an incident has to be done professionally when it comes to marketers in social media environments. Professionalism is the way that life has to be handled so the marketers can get the respect of others, if not then there company or brand will not be looked at very highly. Normal people with a blog or social media connection can respond to anything and everything in whatever way they want because its a personal account on their on feelings or objections, but when it conflicts with the business or market people can see that as wrong because you represent your brand or company. For example, looking at the world of sports professional athletes have their own social media aspects whether its a blog, a twitter…ect, but they cant just say something negative and expect it to be ok because they are in fact apart of an organization and also an entity/ product of that sport, so negative blogs represents not only themselves but their sports.

When it comes to companies and brands images and reputation go hand and hand and you do not want to have negative attached to that because people will look at the brand or company negatively causing them to offend people and it could result in losing them as a client or customer. If you have an incident it could potentially ruin that brand or company but its all in how you handle it and doing that professionally will allow you to do the right things in order to assure your customers and its how you should be handling issues


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