In this post that i found it relates to how companies and people should handle themselves professionally in the world of social media. Cold stone ice cream let go of an employee who made a “racial slur” about President Obama, the company choose to let this you lady go due to the fact that they did not agree with her comment she made. It did not follow the companies views and they didn’t want to have an employee who had opinions publicized negatively in this aspect.

Having an employee who does not hold themselves in a professional manner in the social media world can have this happen to them due to the fact that even after they leave what could be a full time job or even a part time job, they are still representing that company. Now a days we are able to include in our facebook or twitter profiles where we work, and that means that anyone can see it and based on certain comments especially about the President will bring negative attention that no company or business wants.



2 thoughts on “Week10O

  1. darrikm says:

    I think this is a little ridiculous. Companies should not be able to fire employees based on an opinion they have. As long as that opinion is presented professionally the company should not be able to fire the employee. I understand the company wants to keep a certain image, but at least let the employee know that they are not permitted to make comments that go against the company.

    If the opinion is through the employees own time and website, I do not see a reason why it would matter to the company. Unless the employee is very well known at the company, a person’s personal input should not matter to the company outside of work. If it does affect the company, then the company needs to address it to the employee beforehand and not after-the-fact. Poor communication can hurt both a company, and employees alike.

    -Darrik M

  2. briertemple says:

    I think companies need to watch their backs a lot more now that social media is so prevalent. Having employees who post negative things about the president can give them a bad image. I think that being proactive with checking these things is very important. Like you said employees should be professional and not post comments that can later be viewed as negative on the company that they work for.

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