Week 8 R “Who or what do consumers trust?”

 Understanding where consumers are coming from and what they are thinking is one of the main concerns that are tried to understand to gain the trust of the consumers and what to do in order to gain that trust.When it falls into the category of who that is where it gets hard because you are trying to get the consumers to trust someone right away that they could possibly only have met a few times and their job is to help as best as possible and be able to do whatever you want, but with so many people its hard to gain that loyalty and trust right away. Certain qualities gain the trust easier for some consumers because they see those traits and feel as if they are warming and can give you what you need in order to gain that trust.

When it comes to what do consumers trust, its also hard to understand exactly what the consumer wants from you to gain that trust because you are always providing that consumer with fast service and that gives  your brand or services strength and that causes the consumers to trust you because you are giving the consumer a guarantee that the brand will be there for the consumer.


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