Week 8 O “Christmas ads on Halloween”


 On this web site it talks about how they started showing Christmas adds starting on Halloween, and they aren’t even waiting for one season to be over before they start talking about the next but the reason behind it is to get in the mind of the consumer so they plant that seed to get them thinking and behind the ball to get rolling on Christmas. Already online shopping is being updated to compensate for the early Christmas shoppers who buy online. While i was in Walmart just on 10/30/12 they had the fake Christmas trees already up on display, the decorations for around the house and the tree, and also they had the Christmas decorations coming up for around the store. We still have to get over Thanksgiving before Christmas comes into play but because more people and consumers buy for Christmas your better off getting everything out now to let that seed grow and people will start needing Christmas gifts and decorations starting right away.

This just goes to show you that when the seasons change outside inside they are being changed sooner then we think in order to keep up with the consumers and what they want.


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