Week6R “What do marketers need to know, to choose exactly where to participate in social media?”

When it comes to social media, marketers need to know everything they can possibly know about their product and market to truley understand where they need to go in social media to be able to attracte their target markets, and also bring in the most web trafficing. Knowing where to go and how to get the most attendtion in social media plays a huge role in markets now a days due to the fact that everyone is linked up to the internet whether they are at work and they are online or they are walking down the street holding there cell phones, everyone is connected one way or another, the only thing that marketers need to find out is where are they most likely to search or what they are looking up, so the marketers can set up blogs or post regarding their product in certain places along the web.

Is the market for your product teenagers, or any age group, its questions like this that can make social media attraction to your product easier in your market depending on the age of your consumers. Teenagers and young adults are the social media generation and they are always connected by blogs and post, facebook, and twitter, because we grew up with all this. Our parents where taught by our generation how to use social media for the most part, so understanding that your target market and their age could make social media easier knwoing what that age group wants and the fastest way they are going to recieve new information.


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