Week5R “What key questions should marketers ask before they decide whether to participate in social media?”

When it comes to marketers i feel as thought there are two good questions that are needed to be answer before participating in social media. 1. What market are we going to be appealing to, and 2. How would we monitor social media? These question stick out to me because you need to appeal and have a market to go off of. Without that market you wont have a means for social media with your product. Monitoring your social media traffic will allow you to be able to see who is looking at your product of page, and you can develop ways to reach those targets or accumulate responses of that product for positive and negative feedback, what the consumer wants or doesn’t, and how they ultimitly feel about the product or company.

With questions like these you allow your company or brand to open itself up to the connected social world to hear and listen to what its consumers say right away about and experience, or a certain product, because once connected the information that is obtained from consumers can turn a product around because the consumers are responding quick so the products can create the best product available and continue to improve.


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