Week4O What do consumers want from brands in social media

As a consumer of any product especially in the world these days we want to be able to see and know new things that are being developed and if we could add to those developments. Company’s that are developing new products or designing new features want the consumers opinions on what work with a previous product, or didn’t, how can we improve and what would you like to be added or taken away etc .. The easiest ways to do things like that and interact right away with consumers is to show the consumers new things on the websites or just on the web in general. By doing this the brands are allowing consumers to use the social media web right on their web pages that are being accessed all over the world at every second of the day. they can blog, post or even tweet and by doing this they are allowing not only the brand   access to see the insight that they are providing them but their friends and followers to see what that brand is doing now and that streams it world wide, because as soon as you blog or tweet about it its viral even more then it already has become and a lot of people who are really loyal to certain brands will start commenting more on certain products that they either use, or wear and now they feel that they can as consumers provide more to the brands they are loyal to and have a say in somethings, but also get their ideas heard.

I am a sports guy and growing up playing sports i always wondered how they came up with new ideas for the products they did, and when i wore a shoe, or used a batting glove, or a certain piece of clothing i always wondered well id like if my shoe was more like this, or if my glove was able to do this for my grip, and i just wish this shirt was more like this so it fit better. Now with social media and how its taken the world by storm over the last decade it gives consumers more of a voice so that the brands can understand their wants and needs more right away instead of spending months on a market campaign or searching for new ideas when new ideas can be poring in from all over the world at every second of the day.


Looking at this Adidas website about the D Rose 3 shoes, it talks about the shoe and the design and how its the lightest and all but if you look underneath where you can add that shoe to your “bag” it has all the forms of social media that you could add it to to show the world of social media and comment on it or get it out to your friends.


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