Week4O “Do you like change in social media”

Its so strange to think about when i was growing up in elementary school and we went to computer class we were learning about the internet and all that is has to offer us. I can recall getting my first computer at my house and learning you needed a screen name to go on AOL and we had dial up internet that tied up the phone lines and who could ever forget the dial tone that came on all the time. Once the internet came about that is when people started to become connected and could easily communicate with one another online. I remember being told you could personalize profiles so other people could see who that user was and then after years of being on the internet i was told about Myspace. All of my friends went crazy about how you could comment and find other friends and upload photos and music and personalize your page, it became a huge thing where everyone who was anyone had a Myspace and it was cool. after a few years came Facebook, and i didn’t know how to feel about it because Myspace was the only thing i knew and once i heard about my friends talking about Facebook and how it was so much better i didn’t know how i felt about it because i was saying to myself i don’t want to change i like Myspace to much and Facebook isnt gonna be better. But of course as the months went on more and more of my friends started using it so i decided to try it out, and then that day came where i created a Facebook account and i never went back on Myspace again.

Just like Myspace was the popular thing to have, it was then quickly replaced by Facebook, and Myspace just faded away and wont be back to its high point again. Facebook didn’t have much competition in the social media world till more people understood what blogging was, and then once again just like Facebook came around then came Twitter, and you could start posting things with limited characters that were now know as tweets and people could follow you now which is just like being your friends on Facebook. With twitter you can either follow someone and not make tweets or do both. I still don’t really understand the concept of twitter because I’m not the huge fan of tweeting or telling people certain things and seeing if they follow me or now, but i understand why professionals, actors/actresses, or companies do it now because of what the world is offering us by being connected and communicating better. 

It just goes to show you how the internet alone has changed how we go about daily life and our friends now that we have social media. I am extremely excited to see what is to come now in the next 20, 40, 60 years down the line and what my grandchildren in time will be using to interact with one another.


3 thoughts on “Week4O “Do you like change in social media”

  1. briertemple says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I like how you linked what you learned in elementary school, to the things the internet has to offer now. Your last sentence got me thinking about how much room it has to grow. We hear our grandparents saying how crazy technology is these day, and I’m sure we will be say the same thing when we grow old. social media and technology is something that will always be advancing. You also pointed out how there are always competitors within social media, which i found interesting to look back at what used to be the popular site to be a part of, and how much things have changed.

  2. I thought your post was really interesting. I can relate to everything you said about the changes that have taken place over time. I also started with AOL and Myspace before Facebook and Twitter became popular and its weird to think that when I was a kid the Internet was not even close to what it is like now. Your examples really go to show how much the Internet and social media has changed over time and will continue to change.

  3. Josh, the question do you like change in social media is probably a fact that we cant change. Social media is always changing and like you explained just in our life time it has come so far. Social media is going to change over time because of the there is always new technology being created. Who would have ever thought that we would be able to get on the internet with cell phones. Because of the constant demand for new technology I believe that social media will have to change with it to keep up and give society what they want.

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