Should brands be participating in social media? I would have to say yes they should be participating in social media for more than one reason. In our generation since the internet came along years ago, we have gone viral with almost everything, and if you need to find anything at all the one place you can go to find information or a symbol you can just go online and use any search engine to figure things out. A lot of companies have brands and a lot of those companies are international so many people around the world know what the company is just by the brand. 

When it comes to brands many people use them for recognition and since Facebook and twitter and also blogs have come to be popular using brands on these social media websites easily gets your brand name or image out their for free because you could easily follow them and get updates on whats going on with their companies, and also like we talked about in class with coffee shops, if a customer for instance wasnt not satisfied with their experience and they blog about it, well if they are about of a blog or follow their favorite coffee spot, the company can see that they were not satisfied and that could be a negative effect on them which they would not like. In return the company could have monitors for social media sites to catch something like that to turn around the customers experience and make it a better one so for instance instead of them blogging about not having a great experience and then it going viral they will quickly turn it around and make it better so that customer blogs/tweets about having a great experience and they did everything they could to make their customer/customers happy.

Sports is one of the best elements of branding that is world wide and many people can just look at a sports brand and know what its all about, for example “NIKE”. They do everything possible to get their brand out there and know by its consumers and they pride themselves on being the best in the market with sports. So in return Nike endorses only top elite athletes because that is how they pride themselves and there brand and with the athletes that they endorse comes plenty of social media attention because of how many followers on social media website the top elite athletes have following them, so that goes to show you how the the brands are getting free social media exposure. 


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