Does Miguel Cabrera will the AL MVP, or the ultimate goal for a single player and that is the Triple Crown? The Triple crown has not been won since Yaz won it last, and it goes to show you that its more rare to see then a perfect game by a pitcher because lets face it we have seen like 4 perfect games in the last couple years. To win the triple crown you need to be the best hitter for average, home runs, and runs batted in, which makes you the over best hitter in your respected league. Now with the push that the Detroit Tigers are making i personally think that the push for the playoffs will not hurt his chances to win the triple crown, because i have seen him be pitched around and not getting much to hit and yet turns what is supposed to be a “pitchers pitch” into a home run hit over 400 feet just due to the fact that he is that strong, that great of an athlete, and has a hell of a hitters eye to do what he does and has done this entire season.

When it comes to the Triple Crown, many people people have come close to it but at the end of the season were edged out by either one or two out of the three categories because most athletes even professionals are still human and through a 162 game season, they show you that they still can get hurt, need days off, or just cant do and be the leaders in all 3 categories making you the best offensive player in the league. Cabrera has always, through his career, proven himself as being a top hitter when it comes to average, home runs, and RBIs. Seeming like he hits over .300, with 30+ HR’s, and 100+RBI’s goes to show you that what he does he takes serious, and he is just that good to content each year for this achievement.



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