Week2R: What does social media mean to me?

What does social media mean to me? That is a tough question because with this new technology that businesses are using in social media because i do not know much about it myself and that is a reason why i am taking this class now so i can become engaged in this new way to provide a service for companies and for users. When it comes to social media the closest forms of it that i have was a myspace and a facebook, no twitter account or any other form of blogging, until now with wordpress. After seeing over the past years how social media has taken off and businesses are using this networking tool to help themselves become better and also give their clients either coupons, or keeps them informed about new and upcoming deals, or even to keep their clients happy. 

When i first heard about social media all i thought about was twitter and i did not understand it very much and never wanted to pursue it because i didn’t understand the concept of posting a limited number of characters and having people read your “tweets”. But clearly not that i have gone deeper into the internet and the world of social media i see now that it is more than just “tweets” its blogs and other forms of getting certain things out to the world and it could just be speaking your mind and finding out that hundreds, thousands , or even millions of people could feel the same exact way as you do just because you blogged your thoughts and posted them to the internet. This past summer i watched a movie called “Wallstreet: Money never sleeps” and in order to ruin a big player on wallstreet they used a blog to spread a rumor that had to due with insider trading and once it was posted on this blog it spread like wild fire and ultimately caused the market of a certain company to crash making their stock drop and cheaper to buy, which made the big player on wallstreet to lose a huge amount of cash. When i saw how social media and a blog spread like wildfire i understood the power that people can put into social media and use it for good and bad.

Many businesses use social media to understand their clients more, so they can understand their feelings about maybe a new product that was just put out on the market or just to see how they feel about the product that a company is producing. Businesses are taking social media serious because they understand the power that it has and how they can use it to their advantage and making their product better for their clients and the consumers. Seeing how social media is used in our world today and also what im still going to learn about what it can do and how it can really be used in so many different ways, i am excited because now to me social media is more than just “twitter” its whatever you want it to be, whether is just speaking your mind and putting your thoughts out on the web and seeing if others feel the same as you do all around the world,if its creating a movement, or even trying to find out what your clients thoughts are in matter of seconds or minutes after either trying it for the first time, or purchasing their product.


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