Week2O Baseball-Bats Blog

On a blog that was placed on the NYTimes about baseball it talks about a Minor league player Billy Hamilton who stole 155 bases this past season in the minor leagues. 155 total stolen bases is a number that hasnt been seen in so long, becuase its becoming a lost art. The Leader in stolen bases this Season is a rookie name Mike Trout and in the article it talks about how in the majors he is leading in stolen bases with 45, now 45 is a long ways off from 155. In the professional world of Baseball their are many different leagues from independent baseball to the minor leagues, right up to the best league being the Professional League of baseball where on the best players from the world compete against each other. Now as you go from independent ball though the ranks to the professional league you come to find that the level of play and talent can change dramatically, players become better as they develop and move along though different leagues and along with different coaches, which means that you as a baseball develop new talents and new moves or to also fine tool strengths and weaknesses. As the blog mentions base stealing comes and goes, which means that players like Billy Hamilton, or Mike Trout could be the next Ricky Henderson who is the all time base stealer, and the way to develop these habits is to work hard and look at tapes and pitchers tendencies but that takes talent and pure skill that some have but not all. Stealing is an art form and as a fellow baseball player we have all heard the comment “speed can kill” because you cant teach speed, you can develop and become faster and stronger but once your fast you can lose it because you dont work at becoming stronger or work at developing techniques and ways to become fast and footwork. A walk or a single could quickly be turned into a double or a triple in just a few pitches and can put some much pressure on the pitcher and the defense to the point where they are nervous and on edge because instead of worrying about the hitter they need to focus on another entity all together in one and when all those things come together it can create havoc in the game of baseball. I have always wanted to become a great baseball player and basestealer  like Mike Trout now and Bill Hamilton, and knowing the percentage that they have when it comes to stealing just shows me that the art is slowly fading away and making appearances like the old original days of baseball, but along with baseball new things come into play and those are young players  like those i have mentioned with a skill of speed and nack for swiping bags.

As a baseball player and a fan of the game, i hope that the game comes back to its original roots and players start to steal more and develop into more of a threat on the base paths because all i have ever been told is speed kills yet when you finally see certain players in the major league with  lots of speed they never let them run so much because the percentages never give them the chance to openly steal, but i think that when speed comes back into the game and players like Mike Trout come and display his over 90% steal rate brings the roots back to the now and show that superstars like Mike Trout and speed like Billy shows that the game still has some players that will do everything possible to use what they have in certain aspects of the game to place themselves in the record books as being the best.




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