Week4O “Do you like change in social media”

Its so strange to think about when i was growing up in elementary school and we went to computer class we were learning about the internet and all that is has to offer us. I can recall getting my first computer at my house and learning you needed a screen name to go on AOL and we had dial up internet that tied up the phone lines and who could ever forget the dial tone that came on all the time. Once the internet came about that is when people started to become connected and could easily communicate with one another online. I remember being told you could personalize profiles so other people could see who that user was and then after years of being on the internet i was told about Myspace. All of my friends went crazy about how you could comment and find other friends and upload photos and music and personalize your page, it became a huge thing where everyone who was anyone had a Myspace and it was cool. after a few years came Facebook, and i didn’t know how to feel about it because Myspace was the only thing i knew and once i heard about my friends talking about Facebook and how it was so much better i didn’t know how i felt about it because i was saying to myself i don’t want to change i like Myspace to much and Facebook isnt gonna be better. But of course as the months went on more and more of my friends started using it so i decided to try it out, and then that day came where i created a Facebook account and i never went back on Myspace again.

Just like Myspace was the popular thing to have, it was then quickly replaced by Facebook, and Myspace just faded away and wont be back to its high point again. Facebook didn’t have much competition in the social media world till more people understood what blogging was, and then once again just like Facebook came around then came Twitter, and you could start posting things with limited characters that were now know as tweets and people could follow you now which is just like being your friends on Facebook. With twitter you can either follow someone and not make tweets or do both. I still don’t really understand the concept of twitter because I’m not the huge fan of tweeting or telling people certain things and seeing if they follow me or now, but i understand why professionals, actors/actresses, or companies do it now because of what the world is offering us by being connected and communicating better. 

It just goes to show you how the internet alone has changed how we go about daily life and our friends now that we have social media. I am extremely excited to see what is to come now in the next 20, 40, 60 years down the line and what my grandchildren in time will be using to interact with one another.


Week4O What do consumers want from brands in social media

As a consumer of any product especially in the world these days we want to be able to see and know new things that are being developed and if we could add to those developments. Company’s that are developing new products or designing new features want the consumers opinions on what work with a previous product, or didn’t, how can we improve and what would you like to be added or taken away etc .. The easiest ways to do things like that and interact right away with consumers is to show the consumers new things on the websites or just on the web in general. By doing this the brands are allowing consumers to use the social media web right on their web pages that are being accessed all over the world at every second of the day. they can blog, post or even tweet and by doing this they are allowing not only the brand   access to see the insight that they are providing them but their friends and followers to see what that brand is doing now and that streams it world wide, because as soon as you blog or tweet about it its viral even more then it already has become and a lot of people who are really loyal to certain brands will start commenting more on certain products that they either use, or wear and now they feel that they can as consumers provide more to the brands they are loyal to and have a say in somethings, but also get their ideas heard.

I am a sports guy and growing up playing sports i always wondered how they came up with new ideas for the products they did, and when i wore a shoe, or used a batting glove, or a certain piece of clothing i always wondered well id like if my shoe was more like this, or if my glove was able to do this for my grip, and i just wish this shirt was more like this so it fit better. Now with social media and how its taken the world by storm over the last decade it gives consumers more of a voice so that the brands can understand their wants and needs more right away instead of spending months on a market campaign or searching for new ideas when new ideas can be poring in from all over the world at every second of the day.


Looking at this Adidas website about the D Rose 3 shoes, it talks about the shoe and the design and how its the lightest and all but if you look underneath where you can add that shoe to your “bag” it has all the forms of social media that you could add it to to show the world of social media and comment on it or get it out to your friends.


Does Miguel Cabrera will the AL MVP, or the ultimate goal for a single player and that is the Triple Crown? The Triple crown has not been won since Yaz won it last, and it goes to show you that its more rare to see then a perfect game by a pitcher because lets face it we have seen like 4 perfect games in the last couple years. To win the triple crown you need to be the best hitter for average, home runs, and runs batted in, which makes you the over best hitter in your respected league. Now with the push that the Detroit Tigers are making i personally think that the push for the playoffs will not hurt his chances to win the triple crown, because i have seen him be pitched around and not getting much to hit and yet turns what is supposed to be a “pitchers pitch” into a home run hit over 400 feet just due to the fact that he is that strong, that great of an athlete, and has a hell of a hitters eye to do what he does and has done this entire season.

When it comes to the Triple Crown, many people people have come close to it but at the end of the season were edged out by either one or two out of the three categories because most athletes even professionals are still human and through a 162 game season, they show you that they still can get hurt, need days off, or just cant do and be the leaders in all 3 categories making you the best offensive player in the league. Cabrera has always, through his career, proven himself as being a top hitter when it comes to average, home runs, and RBIs. Seeming like he hits over .300, with 30+ HR’s, and 100+RBI’s goes to show you that what he does he takes serious, and he is just that good to content each year for this achievement.



Should brands be participating in social media? I would have to say yes they should be participating in social media for more than one reason. In our generation since the internet came along years ago, we have gone viral with almost everything, and if you need to find anything at all the one place you can go to find information or a symbol you can just go online and use any search engine to figure things out. A lot of companies have brands and a lot of those companies are international so many people around the world know what the company is just by the brand. 

When it comes to brands many people use them for recognition and since Facebook and twitter and also blogs have come to be popular using brands on these social media websites easily gets your brand name or image out their for free because you could easily follow them and get updates on whats going on with their companies, and also like we talked about in class with coffee shops, if a customer for instance wasnt not satisfied with their experience and they blog about it, well if they are about of a blog or follow their favorite coffee spot, the company can see that they were not satisfied and that could be a negative effect on them which they would not like. In return the company could have monitors for social media sites to catch something like that to turn around the customers experience and make it a better one so for instance instead of them blogging about not having a great experience and then it going viral they will quickly turn it around and make it better so that customer blogs/tweets about having a great experience and they did everything they could to make their customer/customers happy.

Sports is one of the best elements of branding that is world wide and many people can just look at a sports brand and know what its all about, for example “NIKE”. They do everything possible to get their brand out there and know by its consumers and they pride themselves on being the best in the market with sports. So in return Nike endorses only top elite athletes because that is how they pride themselves and there brand and with the athletes that they endorse comes plenty of social media attention because of how many followers on social media website the top elite athletes have following them, so that goes to show you how the the brands are getting free social media exposure. 

Week2O Baseball-Bats Blog

On a blog that was placed on the NYTimes about baseball it talks about a Minor league player Billy Hamilton who stole 155 bases this past season in the minor leagues. 155 total stolen bases is a number that hasnt been seen in so long, becuase its becoming a lost art. The Leader in stolen bases this Season is a rookie name Mike Trout and in the article it talks about how in the majors he is leading in stolen bases with 45, now 45 is a long ways off from 155. In the professional world of Baseball their are many different leagues from independent baseball to the minor leagues, right up to the best league being the Professional League of baseball where on the best players from the world compete against each other. Now as you go from independent ball though the ranks to the professional league you come to find that the level of play and talent can change dramatically, players become better as they develop and move along though different leagues and along with different coaches, which means that you as a baseball develop new talents and new moves or to also fine tool strengths and weaknesses. As the blog mentions base stealing comes and goes, which means that players like Billy Hamilton, or Mike Trout could be the next Ricky Henderson who is the all time base stealer, and the way to develop these habits is to work hard and look at tapes and pitchers tendencies but that takes talent and pure skill that some have but not all. Stealing is an art form and as a fellow baseball player we have all heard the comment “speed can kill” because you cant teach speed, you can develop and become faster and stronger but once your fast you can lose it because you dont work at becoming stronger or work at developing techniques and ways to become fast and footwork. A walk or a single could quickly be turned into a double or a triple in just a few pitches and can put some much pressure on the pitcher and the defense to the point where they are nervous and on edge because instead of worrying about the hitter they need to focus on another entity all together in one and when all those things come together it can create havoc in the game of baseball. I have always wanted to become a great baseball player and basestealer  like Mike Trout now and Bill Hamilton, and knowing the percentage that they have when it comes to stealing just shows me that the art is slowly fading away and making appearances like the old original days of baseball, but along with baseball new things come into play and those are young players  like those i have mentioned with a skill of speed and nack for swiping bags.

As a baseball player and a fan of the game, i hope that the game comes back to its original roots and players start to steal more and develop into more of a threat on the base paths because all i have ever been told is speed kills yet when you finally see certain players in the major league with  lots of speed they never let them run so much because the percentages never give them the chance to openly steal, but i think that when speed comes back into the game and players like Mike Trout come and display his over 90% steal rate brings the roots back to the now and show that superstars like Mike Trout and speed like Billy shows that the game still has some players that will do everything possible to use what they have in certain aspects of the game to place themselves in the record books as being the best.



Week2R: What does social media mean to me?

What does social media mean to me? That is a tough question because with this new technology that businesses are using in social media because i do not know much about it myself and that is a reason why i am taking this class now so i can become engaged in this new way to provide a service for companies and for users. When it comes to social media the closest forms of it that i have was a myspace and a facebook, no twitter account or any other form of blogging, until now with wordpress. After seeing over the past years how social media has taken off and businesses are using this networking tool to help themselves become better and also give their clients either coupons, or keeps them informed about new and upcoming deals, or even to keep their clients happy. 

When i first heard about social media all i thought about was twitter and i did not understand it very much and never wanted to pursue it because i didn’t understand the concept of posting a limited number of characters and having people read your “tweets”. But clearly not that i have gone deeper into the internet and the world of social media i see now that it is more than just “tweets” its blogs and other forms of getting certain things out to the world and it could just be speaking your mind and finding out that hundreds, thousands , or even millions of people could feel the same exact way as you do just because you blogged your thoughts and posted them to the internet. This past summer i watched a movie called “Wallstreet: Money never sleeps” and in order to ruin a big player on wallstreet they used a blog to spread a rumor that had to due with insider trading and once it was posted on this blog it spread like wild fire and ultimately caused the market of a certain company to crash making their stock drop and cheaper to buy, which made the big player on wallstreet to lose a huge amount of cash. When i saw how social media and a blog spread like wildfire i understood the power that people can put into social media and use it for good and bad.

Many businesses use social media to understand their clients more, so they can understand their feelings about maybe a new product that was just put out on the market or just to see how they feel about the product that a company is producing. Businesses are taking social media serious because they understand the power that it has and how they can use it to their advantage and making their product better for their clients and the consumers. Seeing how social media is used in our world today and also what im still going to learn about what it can do and how it can really be used in so many different ways, i am excited because now to me social media is more than just “twitter” its whatever you want it to be, whether is just speaking your mind and putting your thoughts out on the web and seeing if others feel the same as you do all around the world,if its creating a movement, or even trying to find out what your clients thoughts are in matter of seconds or minutes after either trying it for the first time, or purchasing their product.