Week 12 O “Cyber Monday”

When Thanksgiving comes around you think about the food and the family time but also your give thanks for everything that you have. Now a days its people waiting out side for black Friday but even after black Friday is gone and people have made up the rest from being out all day, the internet tells you that even more shopping is being done from your seat and then going to be delivered to you for Christmas. Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping day on line. Where we are so connected it is easier for businesses to post deals, and advertise things all over social media outlets so everyone can see them while they are browsing from home and also saves on some shipping cost also.


Week 11 O “What your Mo Grow”

While on social media i saw a Gillette advertisement that was stated as “Watch your Mo Grow” and it was all about men capturing their mustache grow in the process while donating towards mens prostate cancer. Gillette is all about the best a man can get and they take pride in their products to make men look and be the way they want to when it comes to shaving. With using social media to broadcast this Gillette is expanding it to numerous of countries that will being seeing their advertising and promotions that they continuously up load on a day to day basis.


Week 11R “What are key realities of the new social economy?”

Social media is everywhere with smart phones, tablets, and computers, there is a new device that is being built and designed everyday to make it easier to keep everyone connected. Companies are using these devices even more to make work more accessible and easier with filing and deliveries to just name a few. Promotions and marketing are the things now with the social media world that business are getting into because with the amount of social media traffic with the amount of people being connected every day would allow them to capitalize on a new aspect of business.

The realities on the new social economy is that it is not just to reconnect with friends and family in an easier way, its a whole lot more than that. Businesses are using it to buy and sell equipment, find out what is working and what is not working from the consumers and what they want differently and they can access all this and find out new information within minutes of people posting about them. With social media businesses are even tracking the blogs and post that are being done while the consumer is doing their shopping so that the business can make sure they have the best experience in that place as possible.

When it comes to holidays and buying new items, a lot of them are purchased on line because its a more convenient way to get things done in our society today. In the social world we can find deals that are present only at the moment that the consumer was shopping whether it was a gift card or sale because of previous items bought. Our world is being pushed more and more every day into the world of technology and with this more technology is popping up and ways to use it makes our world easier for us. The reality that we live in is that we can control everything we need from our cars, to our house and the appliances inside, to buying anything we need and sent where you need it all on a phone at the very least.



In this post that i found it relates to how companies and people should handle themselves professionally in the world of social media. Cold stone ice cream let go of an employee who made a “racial slur” about President Obama, the company choose to let this you lady go due to the fact that they did not agree with her comment she made. It did not follow the companies views and they didn’t want to have an employee who had opinions publicized negatively in this aspect.

Having an employee who does not hold themselves in a professional manner in the social media world can have this happen to them due to the fact that even after they leave what could be a full time job or even a part time job, they are still representing that company. Now a days we are able to include in our facebook or twitter profiles where we work, and that means that anyone can see it and based on certain comments especially about the President will bring negative attention that no company or business wants.


Week10R “How should marketers behave in social media environments?”

When it comes to marketers behavior in the world of social media, they have tremendous amounts of responsibility because what ever is posted is placed on the internet, anyone can see it and has access to it. They have to deal with something that is posted that represents the wrong image that they are trying to portray. When it comes to something like this it could bring the wrong publicity for them and then they have to do damage control to make up for it. But then again if they get a huge hit on a post of something that was put out into the social media world, then they are gonna have to keep giving more to what the people want.

The responsibilities are numerous because they need to follow the guidelines that are placed out before them, because even though anything can be posted on the web you would not like to have a negative aspect or image for that brand/ company. Responding to an incident has to be done professionally when it comes to marketers in social media environments. Professionalism is the way that life has to be handled so the marketers can get the respect of others, if not then there company or brand will not be looked at very highly. Normal people with a blog or social media connection can respond to anything and everything in whatever way they want because its a personal account on their on feelings or objections, but when it conflicts with the business or market people can see that as wrong because you represent your brand or company. For example, looking at the world of sports professional athletes have their own social media aspects whether its a blog, a twitter…ect, but they cant just say something negative and expect it to be ok because they are in fact apart of an organization and also an entity/ product of that sport, so negative blogs represents not only themselves but their sports.

When it comes to companies and brands images and reputation go hand and hand and you do not want to have negative attached to that because people will look at the brand or company negatively causing them to offend people and it could result in losing them as a client or customer. If you have an incident it could potentially ruin that brand or company but its all in how you handle it and doing that professionally will allow you to do the right things in order to assure your customers and its how you should be handling issues